The Regurgitation

by Psychological Regurgitation

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First album from Psychological Regurgitation.

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All music belongs to Psychological Regurgitation. The Regurgitation was recorded and produced independently in Syracuse, NY, 2014. It was finally released in 2015.


released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Psychological Regurgitation Syracuse, New York

All instruments:

All vocals:
Patrick Tuohey

All artwork:
Devon Spina

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Track Name: Below
Below there is a savior. I alone serve and pray to him.
Track Name: You Will Perish Alone
Imagine the moment that you will die, awaiting your travels beyond, wishing its repugnance restores and tames your tortured soul.

With every moment, life grows shorter. With every second, emptiness breeds. You will perish alone.
Track Name: Chum Bucket
Chum bucket.
Track Name: Ingestion
Erosion of comfort, spiraling pain.
Subject of misfortune, I weep in vain.
Mind is slowly fading, no oxygen.
Feel the end draw nearer and fear its claim.

Why must this destroy me in such a way?
Seek a joyful last thought to numb the pain.
Fear the final moment, dread the ending.
Lament to your God and pray for death.

Body separated, life is over.
Meaningless existence taking ahold.
Become one with nature, live forever.
Ingestion is crucial to immortality.
Track Name: Jesus is Coming, Look Busy
Keep the world in order with a useless a fable.
No one was ever born just to come and save me.

No God, no man, no ghost.
Refute his lies the most.

Jesus won't return and if he fucking did, he'd want you fucking sodomized and fucking dead.
Track Name: Demise
I keep a record of the lives I've taken, as I see their eyes become as cold as blackened night. I take the credit for demise, I'm only searching for the high.

I take the credit for demise. I will ensure your are destroyed.

Inhuman campaign to terminate worthlessness.
Emotion separate, my mind is desolate.
Permanent tormentor, conduit of horror.
Overwhelm consciousness, relive the emptiness.

I will ensure your demise.

Rise to your demise.
Track Name: The Displacement of Vital Organs
Inside of my body there is nothing.
Empty cavity has opened wider.
I cannot remember the displacement of my body.
Track Name: For Violence
Breath in, and face the obscurity.
Behold a life that is unworthy.
Despond upon the embracement.
For violence, you make a new statement

Justify torture.
Keep alive to escalate, dismember, and interrogate.
Track Name: Jubilance
Force out all the anger. Believe you can tame it.

Postpone your discomfort. Become too complacent.

Track Name: Blast Furnace
Fed to the machine.
Hear the ashes scream.
Fire will consume my body whole.
Track Name: Tomb of Bowels
Trapped inside intestines, frozen. Flesh of tomb awaits my soul.
Feeling desecration happen, skin dissolves and leaves me whole.
Stuck inside this ghoul forever, waiting for the time to die.
Tomb of bowels is my prison, there is no escape.
Track Name: Asphyxiation
I cannot breath.
Fiendish demise.

Consequences of asphyxiation are vile.
Track Name: I Wear Their Intestines
Feeding children, eager to serve, quenching their master’s rabid fleshlust.
Once I receive my final offering, adorned I become: I wear their intestines.
Track Name: Psychological Regurgitation
Mindless praise of an unknown kind, truth is a useless mythical sensation.
Believe what the masters want me to, repeat their fallacies without hesitation.

See no rest to intoxication. See there is no destination.
Blather, maunder, heed my warnings. You don’t know what you think you know. Sickening obedience. It’s all in your head. It’s all in your mind.
Track Name: Rot
Worthless piece of human remains, destined for a hateful life.
Inner sanctum set aflame.

In a dimension where courage is meaningless, inside my soul is alone. Try not to imagine everyone's eyes on me, gnawing my flesh to the bone. Terrorized by the mere thought of the burdens that you must impose upon me. Wake up and see you in my reflection.

Why don’t you rot?

Leave me here so I won't remember, leave me here in the rotting ground.
Bury me to decay forever, leave me here so I won’t know.
Track Name: A Description of Slavery
Take me back, I recall the moment when deceit approached. I collapsed into the ground and screamed for more twisted punishment. Healing was a futile option, I still chose to suffocate.

Unopposed and undirected feelings of forsaken hate.
No one knows the struggles of the wickedly drunk with desire, prosperous to those so foolish, and weakened with a mortal's mind.

Carnal wits, an acquisition. Blissful life with obscured vision.
Track Name: War and Satan
The lyrics are War and Satan.